Athens, August 6th, 2008

I. Kloukinas - I. Lappas S.A. announces:

The company republishes the Data and Information for the fiscal year from January 1I.Kloukinas-I.Lappas S.A announces the following:

(a) In accordance with the decision 18202/31/07/2008 of the Athens District Authority and the Resolutions of the Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders of the company “ IOANNIS KLOUKINAS- IOANNIS LAPPAS CONSTRUCTION SOCIETE ANONYME” it has been decided :

The spin off process of the construction sector of the Company “I. KLOUKINAS- I. LAPPAS CONSTRUCTION AND COMMERCIAL SA” and the transfer of the construction sector to the 100% subsidiary company under the corporate name «IOANNIS KLOUKINAS – IOANNIS LAPPAS CONSTRUCTION SOCIETE ANONYME».

(b) Regarding the commencement of the reorganization proceedings of the Cypriot Company under the name “COMPTON HOUSE PROPERTIES LIMITED”, in accordance with the decision of the company ‘s BoD dated 29/01/2008 which was previously announced, the proceedings are not yet completed and the decision by the Cypriot authorities is still pending.
With the fulfillment of the procedure above, the company “I. KLOUKINAS- I. LAPPAS CONSTRUCTION AND COMMERCIAL SA” will absorb the company under the name “COMPTON HOUSE (HELLAS) TRADE OF CHILDREN’ S PRODUCTS & LEARNING TOYS SOCIETE ANONYME” and under the distinctive title “COMPTON HOUSE (HELLAS) S.A.”.