Athens, March 5th, 2008

Following to the announcement of 29/02/2008 and pursuant to the decision of the BoD of the company on 29/01/2008 and the announcements to the Extraordinary General Meeting of the shareholders on 28/02/2008 I. Kloukinas-I. Lappas SA announces :

The commencement of the separation of the construction sector of the Company and the contribution of the above construction sector to its 100% subsidiary , K.L.TH Woodworking company . The Transformation Balance sheet for the separation of the construction sector will be dated on the 31/03/2008.The construction sector represents above 30% of the total sales turnover of the previous fiscal year.

Moreover with 31/03/2008 Transformation Balance sheet the company commences:
a) the reorganization proceedings of the Cypriot Company under the name “COMPTON HOUSE PROPERTIES LIMITED”(in the Cypriot company the sole shareholder is I.Kloukinas-I.Lappas S.A.) and b) the merger by absorption by the Company of the company under the name “COMPTON HOUSE (HELLAS) TRADE OF CHILDREN’ S PRODUCTS & LEARNING TOYS SOCIETE ANONYME” and under the distinctive title “COMPTON HOUSE (HELLAS) S.A.”.

Finalizing the above transformations is conditional on the approval by the General Shareholders Meeting which will take place within the second trimester of 2008 and on the approval required by the competent authorities.

The Company after the approval of the separation of the construction sector by the General Shareholder Meeting will distribute informative note.